Lift Maintenance Singapore

Lift Maintenance Singapore

Lift & Escalator Servicing Program For Residential, Commercial and High-rise projects – Brilliant Services
Considered as the greatest additions, lift and escalator of any building allow easy mobility and access for the people in this modern era. No different than any vehicle – lift or escalator is an equally significant platform that needs better care and potential investment. For your complete ongoing operation, Swee Hin offers absolutely preventive Lift Maintenance Singapore programs for all kinds of design- freight elevators, passenger elevators, accessibility lifts, material lifts, and every other code-compliant elevating devices from any reputable brand.
Why Choose us?

1 – Years of Commitment and Experience
Swee Hin has been providing its services for years with optimum efficiency for your specific requirements and preferences.

2 – Competitive Pricing Packages
At Swee Hin, we strive to deliver with utmost professionalism to implement effective solutions at affordable prices.

3 Quality & Professional Workmanship

Our trained professionals are experts in terms of providing finest Lift Maintenance Singapore services, as we value our customer’ trust.

4 Adhere to Standards
Guidelines and standards are strictly followed for every lift services that are provided by our team.

Providing value for money – quality products and responsive services
For any maintenance, customize your lift servicing plan with us as we are designed to offer for all regular or premium maintenance of lifts across Singapore. Welcome to Swee Hin for your Lift Maintenance Singapore services! Here we believe that lift services is the most demanding and challenging approach that needs expertise, and a certain level of experience to achieve it. To ensure complete satisfaction, always check for these signs that are mentioned below that you require knowing as alarming factors.
1 Slow performance that puts crowd formation in the lobby areas.
2 The performance of the lift is not stable and gets erratic frequently
3 Some essential Parts are no longer available or advancements are necessary to put IoT devices
4 Frequent Passengers complain regarding lift performance
5 Not enough maintained or missed the stipulated Lift Maintenance Singapore regime that highlights the error areas

Custom maintenance solution – Creative, Flexible and Professional
Enhance your Building Infrastructure
The extensive range of custom as well as pre-engineered services for any kinds of lift and escalator design- we provide complete solutions, including the latest technology, designs and reliability. Know few knick knacks that is handy to keep and also keep you update every time, as follows:
Checklist for elevator system review
1 – Basic Operation: Does elevator adequate for the stipulated number of daily passenger traffic?
2 – Passenger satisfaction: If yes, always look for the complaint point, and why are people criticizing?
3 – Note Average elevator wait time: Rate your elevator wait time as per excellent rating, good rating, fair rating and poor rating.
4 – Elevator maintenance callbacks: Check the last maintenance record every few months
5 – Note Safety features: Are the emergency lighting system, intercom, telephone and emergency alarm bell operating?
6 – Doors: Are the doors bumpy or noisy?
Exceptional workmanship
As our customer service is foremost priority, our growing teams of dedicated and highly qualified engineers are committed and provide Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) while maintenance, inspection and repairing elevators.

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