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Discover the ideal lift solution for your home with Swee Hin.

At Swee Hin, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke solutions for each customer, understanding that a specialised approach is key to achieving complete satisfaction. Our technical team, known for their expertise, installs lifts and other accessibility equipment at the most competitive prices. Whether you are seeking Vimec lifts in Singapore or elsewhere, we are your dedicated service provider. With a commitment to excellence and over two decades of experience, we have installed thousands of lifts, earning a reputation as a leading name in the home lift industry.

Our projects span across Singapore and extend internationally, demonstrating our capability and extensive reach. If you’re in search of Kalea lifts in Singapore, you can rely on us. It is a source of pride for us that our installations enhance the comfort and convenience of people’s lives. We cater to all architectural styles and provide solutions for everyone, from mobility-impaired individuals to seniors, ensuring that elegance and functionality coexist seamlessly.

Our offerings include dumb waiters, microfreight goods lifts, chairlifts, and stairlifts, all underscored by a strong emphasis on safety. For those interested in Kalea lift systems in Singapore, our expert technical team is ready to provide consultations. You will find that our lift systems incorporate five key elements:

  • Comfort
  • Elegance
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Reliability

As specialists, we use only high-standard, reliable materials for installations, reflecting our commitment to quality in every project. If you need car lift solutions or underground parking systems to alleviate space constraints, contact us. Our technical experts are here to deliver the best practical solutions, making us your one-stop provider for making life easier and more accessible.

Our traction type MRL lifts are characterized by gearless motors, smooth and high speed travel, excellent space utilization and flexible design choices that befits a modern home. Your design and practical needs are well covered by the 2 premium brands that we work with: Sumasa (Spain) and NK (Taiwan).

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Traction Machine-roomless Lift

Vimec E07 offers the best of charming Italian design coupled with practically noiseless operation. Cabin design comes with a full multitude of options for colour, ceiling, walls, flooring and call panel. Options for platform-type and full cabin are available. The lift can also be mounted on a wall or a self-supported shaft. Complies to EN81-41.

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Vimec E07 Easymove

The Kalea A4 Primo offers an economical solution to transcend low vertical heights. In addition, it comes with the elegance and simplicity that so characterises Scandinavian design.At the heart of the equipment is a screw-driven platform with a self-supporting prefabricated shaft and built in guide rail. It requires no pit and has an intergrated machine room, which means minimal construction work and swift installation. Designed to integrate elegance, comfort and safety, it comes in different platform sizes and provides a variety of options in terms of materials, colours and safety. Complies to EN81-41.

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Kalea A4

When small goods need to be moved from one level to another, the Dumbwaiter comes to the rescue! Dumbwaiters are commonly found in restaurants, libraries, factories and medical facilities.

Daldoss' Dumbwaiters are supplied with structure supported frame for quick and easy installation at any site and without pit requirement. The doors can also be fire-rated to Singapore Standards!

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Daldoss Microlift Dumbwaiter

Up to 1500kg with no machine room, no concrete shaft and reduced pit.

This is what the MicroFreight is all about! It is particularly useful where it is necessary to convey heavy loads in buildings without load-bearing bays or with a reduced pit.

Just like our Dumbwaiter, the Daldoss MicroFreight comes with structure supported frame.

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Daldoss Microfreight Goods Lift

For mobility in the home, choose the comfort and quality of a Vimec V59 Chairlift. With its unique technology and ability to turn corners, it is outstandingly compact, elegant and sturdy.

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Vimec V59 Chairlift

The Vimec Platform Stair Lift comes to the rescue where it is impractical for vertical lifts to be installed. The Platform Stair Lift allows people in wheelchairs to get up and down stairs on their own. They come with straight or curved rail customised to the gradient of your staircase.

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Vimec V64/V65 Platform Stairlift

We are your one stop solution for Vimec lifts, Kalea lifts, and Car lifts in Singapore at highly competitive prices.

Cardok is the underground parking solution that doubles your parking space and provides greater security than a locked garage. And it looks pretty good too.

Cardok products come in sta ndard sizes or can be made to measure. All options are possible, depending on your preference and liking. They can be installed practically almost anywhere.

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Cardok Multi
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