Platform Lifts for Home Use: Comparing Options and Costs

Platform Lift in Singapore

Enhancing home accessibility is crucial for individuals with limited mobility. Platform lifts provide an efficient and less space-consuming alternative to traditional elevators. In this guide, we will compare two leading brands, Vimec and Kalea, focusing on their solutions for residential use, especially their offerings with self-supporting shafts and wall-mounted units. We will be looking into the design, installation, safety features, and costs, providing a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are designed to transport individuals, often in wheelchairs, between different floors or levels within a home. Unlike conventional elevators, these lifts require less space and can be installed more easily and at a lower cost. They are an ideal solution for homes that cannot accommodate traditional elevators due to structural or budget constraints.

Comparing Vimec and Kalea Lifts

When considering home accessibility, choosing the right platform lift can make all the difference. Vimec and Kalea are two leading manufacturers whose products stand out due to their innovative features and reliable performance. Here we dive into the specifics of their models to help you determine which lift best meets your home’s needs in terms of functionality, installation, and design.

Vimec is known for its robust and versatile lifts, offering both vertical and inclined options. Their models are notable for their flexibility with self-supporting glass shafts as well as concrete shafts.

On the other hand, Kalea offers a range of lift solutions that are especially suited for residential environments. Their lifts come with self-supporting shafts, eliminating the need for major structural alterations and making them an attractive option for home installation.

Vimec Lifts

Vimec offers a range of lift solutions, including models designed for commercial use and those more suited to residential settings. While the larger platform sizes of models typically find their application in public places due to their extensive space requirements, Vimec also provides lifts with smaller platforms ideal for private homes.

Design Options:

Vimec’s residential lifts can be installed in two main configurations:

Wall-Mounted in Concrete Shafts: This installation method is robust but requires significant structural alterations, which can be a disadvantage in existing homes where such modifications can be intrusive and costly.

Self-Supporting Shafts: A less invasive option, these shafts do not require major construction changes, making them easier and quicker to install.

Kalea Lifts

Kalea is renowned for its highly customisable platform lifts that integrate seamlessly into almost any home environment. These lifts are particularly noted for their aesthetic flexibility and ease of installation.

Design Options:

Self-Supporting Shafts: Kalea’s lifts with self-supporting shafts offer excellent versatility and minimal structural impact. They can be installed without the extensive renovations required for conventional lifts.

Customisation: Kalea lifts allow for extensive personalisation, including choices in colors and the number of glass panels, which can enhance the interior design of a home while providing essential functionality.

Comparative Design Considerations

Both Vimec and Kalea lifts offer designs that can be aesthetically tailored to blend with home interiors. Kalea’s lifts, however, offer a bit more in terms of customisation and style, which is a significant advantage for residential installations where aesthetics are crucial.

Safety and Operation

Safety features across both brands are robust, ensuring user safety with anti-slip floors, emergency stop buttons, and sensors that detect obstructions and stop the lift if necessary. Operational controls are designed to be user-friendly, with options for remote control operation, enhancing accessibility for users and caregivers.

Installation and Costs

Vimec Lifts:

Costs: The installation of Vimec lifts, particularly those requiring concrete shafts, can be an economical option if the shaft is built during the construction of the house.

Kalea Lifts:

Costs: Kalea lifts, particularly models with self-supporting shafts, tend to be more costly in terms of installation due to the nearly full glass design.

Platform lifts are an essential solution for improving accessibility in homes. From Vimec and Kalea, you will be able to find a lift that not only meets your mobility needs but also fits well within the architectural and design constraints of your living spaces. While Vimec offers sturdy and reliable solutions, Kalea leads with its highly customisable and less structurally demanding installations, making it often the preferred choice for residential environments. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to consult with a specialist who can provide insights tailored to your specific home and needs.
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