Stairlift Singapore – Five Misconceptions About Stairlifts and Their Truth

When you talk to people about stairlifts, they tell you lots of things about stairlifts. But, you cannot trust everything you hear from them because many misconceptions are also getting around about stairlifts. In this blog, we will try to decode a few most common misconceptions about stairlifts.

Let’s get started.

Stairlifts Are Just for Old People

The reality is stairlifts are for everybody. They help your grandparents and aging parents in their movements. They allow them to reach from one floor to another easily. Likewise, they help you, too. When you are very tired and you have to go upstairs, you really feel bad. You can use your stairlifts at that time. Besides, you can use your stairlifts to send things upstairs and downstairs as well.

Your Stairs will Need Remodeling for Stairlifts

This is a baseless statement. No matter the length, width, or curve, stairlifts fit any set of stairs easily. Various types of stairlifts available on the market. When you discuss your requirements to a stairlift Singapore manufacturer, they suggest you the best lift and create a lift that easily fits your stairs.

Stairlifts Create Obstacles in Movement

A parking option is available for stairlifts. The rail is wrapped around the corner at the bottom or top of the stairs. So, the stairs are completely free to use. You can use your stairs as you use them today. So, you need not worry about it. When you talk to your stairlift Singapore seller, they will give you detailed information about it.

Stairlift Installation Consumes Lots of Time

No, not at all. Stairlift installation in your home would not take more than 2 hours. However, if your stairs are curved, the installation professional may take a little more time. But, not so much time that will irritate you.

Stairlifts are Expensive

Stairlifts may seem expensive but when you start using stairlifts in your home, you will appreciate your decision to spend on stairlifts. However, when you compare the cost of straight and curved lifts, you will find curved lifts are expensive than straight lifts.

We have just talked about five most common misconceptions about stairlifts. If you have heard several others as well, visit an expert in stairlift Singapore. They will answer your all questions and let you know why investing in a stairlift will be a smart decision of your life.

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